TVGS Mission Statement:

The West in the 1880s in a town where everyone was armed and respect was expected and given,

Rules were simple and life was charmed.

If you knew everyone was packn' and might shoot straighter or faster that you,

You'd likely be more understanding and a might friendlier, too.

You'd consider you hog leg always loaded and only clear leather when prepared to go to work,

You'd be honest and hard working, thoughtful, trustworthy and true,

Kind, courteous and careful and you work would be stronger than glue.

This is the part of history we're promoting:

Gun safety and the right to pack a gun,

To relive this time as close as we can,

Meet new friends and have some fun.

We do this for each other 

We do it every day

We do it for America 

And we do it the "Cowboy Way."

About Us



(Est. 2003)

The sport of Cowboy Fast Draw is a timed sport using western style six guns and holsters based on the romance and legend of the Old West.  The motto of Cowboy Fast Draw is Safety First, Fun Second and Competition Third. The Treasure Valley GunSlingers (TVGS) is a non-profit, non-political member owned organization whose goals include educating as many people as possible in the safe and proper use of firearms, to never lose sight that all competitors are choosing to spend their time with us to have fun, to keep the rules simple and to the point and to pursue the proper balance between spirit of the game, fair play and meaningful competition.  TVGS is affiliated with the national Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA).  Members dress in 1800s period style clothing and select an alias by which they are known in the sport.  Choosing an alias and determining what clothing you will weat is all part of the fun.  TVGS is home to multiple World and Nation Champions in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw.  The club has both winter and summer ranges and each year since 2009, TVGS has hosted the Great Northwest Territorial Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw over Memorial Day Weekend which attracts shooters from around the country.  

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our friends and competitors, so feel free to visit during normal monthly scheduled matches (Fourth Saturday beginning 9am to 4pm) or practice times (Thursdays 5pm to 7pm May through October weather permitting) 

Our current hosts: 

Sheriff - Shortround (

Deputy - Old Buzzard (

Banker - Kid Creggar (

Clerk - Sagebrush Sal (

Assessor - Buckwheat (

Marshal - Rossow (

Treasure Valley Gunslingers LTD

24560 Hop Road, Caldwell, Idaho 83607, United States

Come on out and join the fun!



Drop us a line! at PO Box 1473, Caldwell, ID 83606


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